Our Story



We are a group of friends. We thought a lot about naming our electronic world, from where did the idea of ​​naming the store with that name,( Lemonilli ) from lemon🍋.. Why lemon? 

Because it is the only fruit that is included in many things, the most important of which is food, as it is an essential ingredient in many main dishes, salads and desserts, even many hot and cold drinks.

And away from food it is involved in the manufacture of many products such as many beauty products as it extracts vitamin C and components for the health of the skin and hair, and elements are used in the manufacture of medicines and vitamins.

Therefore, no home in the world is devoid of lemon or its products, even if it is not directly, so we want our distinguished products to not be devoid any home and any place, so that everyday life becomes more enjoyable and easy.